Battlefield Overview


Whenever you engage one of your tokens in Battle through Battlefield, a part is used to pay Fees and/or is redistributed as shown above. Whenever people trade certain tokens or stake funds through the Battlefield, an x amount is transferred to the reward pool for Battlefield participants to harvest and/or compound.

It'll be all clearer later, but now let's dive in!

First of all you want to get to Battlefield by selecting the "Battlefield" button on our left menu as follows:

You'll be prompted with the following view:

Here you can see two key statistics:

TOTAL ARMY STRENGTH: It represents the Total Army Strength obtained by all the funds staked into Battlefield by the community. It is the number which will be used to compare your own Army Power to the total community Army Power.

Let's move on :

YOUR ARMY STRENGTH: This is literally how strong your army is. The number is calculated by the following operation: (SQUIRE*1e18 + (KNIGHT1e18 *500)) *2^(floor(log10((TABLE*1e18*LEGEND1e18*5))) YOUR ARMY PERCENT is the result of

your number compared to the Total Army Strength, and it will grant you the resulting percentage of all what's left in the reward pools of each token in Battlefield.

Let's move on to the actual gameplay:

Down below the Battlefield you will find 4 tabs showing each token status. Let's explain every element so it's easier to understand for everyone:

Up in every tab you find the name of the token, $LEGEND in this case, both with the following information. BURN: Amount of token burned whenever you stake into the battlefield that specific token. In Knight's case it is 5%. REWARD POOL: The amount of token that goes straight into the reward pool for everyone to harvest. In Knight's case it is 5%. EXTERNAL FEES: The amount of fees charged whenever you stake or unstake your tokens out of the Battlefield. In Knight's case the amount is set to 0%

Let's move on to the next part

In the red box you will see the amount of the specific token you have staked in Battlefield. The green button meaning as follows : -: Unstake your token +: Stake more tokens into the Battlefield Circular arrow: Compound what rewards you have.

Let's move to the next part!

Under KNIGHT EARNED you will view the amount of earnings your army power granted of that given token. Each token has its EARNED part. HARVEST: It harvests the rewards shown in the box, sending everything to your wallet.

Finally, we have two very important numbers to keep in mind under each token's tab.

Total at War: The total amount of token staked into Battlfield for that specific tab. In Knight's case is 1460687.48 for the picture above. Total Rewards Remaining: The amount of rewards Battlefield participants may harvest from the TOKEN Rewards pool. PLEASE NOTE the amount of received rewards is decided by your army power, therefore it is very important to try and have a more powerful army.

Last, but definitely not least, the COMPOUND and HARVEST buttons above will give you the chance to compound or harvest ALL REWARDS currently accumulating in Battlefield in your name, with a single Transaction and a single Gas fee, as the operations will be handled internally.

This is very important if you want to keep battling so you can save up on gas fees.


25% of the $SHILLING are earn directly from battlefield. No additional actions are required to earn them. Your $SHILLING daily spoils are calculated directly from your army percent.

More features and rewards will be added in future updates, therefore stick with us and join the Knights on the Battlefield. Meanwhile don't forget to join our TG group to ask any question you might have.

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