Roadmap with historical and future milestones

Quarter 1

    ✔️PHASE 1 - Late Feb - Early March
      ✔️ Launch TABLE token
      ✔️ Small-scale marketing in Telegram
      ✔️ Add Medium page and initial articles.
      ⚠️ Apply for CoinGecko - Pending approval from CG
      ✔️ Apply for BSCScan yield listing
    ✔️ PHASE 2 - Early March - Late March
      ✔️ Launch website and yield farm for $KNIGHT token.
      ✔️ Launch $LEGEND token as a reward for new Battlefield feature
      ✔️ Launch Battlefield feature

Quarter 2

    ✔️ PHASE 3 - Late March - Mid April
      ✔️ Launch Lottery
      ✔️ Global Marketing Push
      ✔️ Initial Partnerships
      ✔️ Initial NFTs for Admin team and Gallery
    PHASE 4 - Mid-April - Late June
      ✔️ NFTs for Knighted Members of the Community
      ✔️ Functional NFT Marketplace using native tokens
      ✔️ SHILLING token launch (Secure Moonrat Token fork, with new features and bug fixes) - 5/7
      ✔️ SHILLING CoinGecko and Coin MarketCap Listings - Pending Approval from CG, CMC on 6/1!
      ✔️The Brave 58 Custom NFT for the original 58 Battlefield Participants.
      Parlor games using SHILLING - In Development
      Implementation of Catacombs feature.
      Catacombs implementation
      More functional NFTs used to boost Catacombs, Battlefield, and other features
      Lottery Rev2 (all 4 tokens in lottery)
      Battlefield and Catacombs Enhancements
      Heavy marketing push with established platform
      CEX Listing for SHILLING
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