Total Supply: 2 Billion Burned: 1 Billion (50%)

Squire is a larger supply utility token with 1 billion entirely minted, fair launched, supply. It's intended to be used both with Battlefield and upcoming features like NFTs. The only way to acquire new SQUIRE, beside buying, is to participate in Battlefield in order to harvest its reserve. Contract: 0x2F0D21f1B84F03fB9D60004fc206C86Be6902a32 Squire Chart:


Total Supply: 10 Million

Main Utility token. It is used for Farming and Pooling, and will be lockable as the main "army" through the Battlefield Mechanic (on which rewards will be calculated). Pretty similiar to $CAKE in its design, can be minted and used as a commodity.

Contract: 0x16C0e0936E1B38Ff1F9b8a1e75d8ba29aDf87d30 Knight Chart:


Total Supply: 13

Foundation token with a 13 total supply. Inspired to the 12 Knights of the Round Table + King Arthur, it currently has two utilities: frictionless yield and token farming through a TABLE/BNB Liquidity Pair. It is a 2% reflect token and will act as a multiplier in the future Battlefield Mechanic enhancing the KNIGHT Yield.

Contract: 0xf5a2F7418035ce76967F515f39d65719bB0453B6 Table Chart:


Total Supply: 155

1% Reflect, 1% Liquidity Lock, 1% Battlefield sent Token which will fully support the new Battlefield concept and act as a multiplier. 50 LEGEND will be obtainable through the Battlefield mechanic exclusively.

Contract: 0xDc661984735b535210CB1f52f86cc58616024192 LEGEND Chart:


The shilling tokenomics and lite paper are described in a dedicated page :

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